Redskins-Bengals Open Thread

So far this season the Redkins have won a game we didn’t expect them to win and lost a game we didn’t expect them to lose, which is very Redskins. The difference of course is that Robert Griffin III was our quarterback in both games, and he was spectacular. May he be so again, no matter what occurs.

63 thoughts on “Redskins-Bengals Open Thread”

  1. It cannot be overstated how bad mike shanahan’s challenge was today. Losing our last timeout in such a fashion was plain awful.

  2. “The officials – replacement refs while the regulars are locked out in a labor dispute with the league – marked off a total of 25 yards for the two penalties, instead of 20.

    All of which meant the game ended with Griffin’s long incompletion on a third-and-50 from Washington’s 41.”
    Gotta love the refs, not saying that they cost the skins the game because they didn’t, but thats just awful

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