DMV: Alfred Morris’ Amazing Ride

The Skins’ starting RB drives a ’91 Mazda worth $1,000. [Redskins Blog]

Jim Haslett and Danny Smith received contract extensions. [The Insider]

“I’m a Nickelback kind of guy,” says big music fan DeAngelo Hall. [Bog]

Josh Morgan received death threats because people stink. [The Insider]

Dan Snyder is not hosting a Mitt Romney fundraiser, so you know. [Bog]

Nats split doubleheader with Dodgers. Magic number is nine. [WaPo]

Proof the umps cost the Nats a pretty crucial run. [Nats Enquirer]

Ryan Zimmerman got another shot of that sweet cortisone. [Nats Journal]

O’s beat M’s and King Felix in 11 on Jones’ two-run HR. [Camden Chat]

O’s merchandise sales are on the rise, reports Capt. Obvious. [ESPN]

Michal Neuvirth’s new goalie mask has Olie Kolzig on it. [RMNB]

11 thoughts on “DMV: Alfred Morris’ Amazing Ride”

  1. That’s a sweet ride. I have a nicer car nowadays but I would love to still be driving the ’87 Chevy Celebrity station wagon (eurosport edition) I learned on.

  2. I don’t trust Mike Shanahan’s judgment as much today as I did yesterday. He called Danny Smith an “excellent football coach.” Football Outsiders’ DVOA rankings for the redskins special teams since Zorn’s first season: 25, 23, 25, 21, 31. That’s consistent below-average performance by Coordinator Blocky McPoochkick.

  3. Hey, I say he’s smart. Save your money for now, since you’ve got a good car that does the job. I drive an older econobox, too, and paid about the same price for it. Low maintenance, low cost, low fueling expenses, and 4-doors for versatility. Smart move, I say. That Mercedes or BMW or whatever will always be there when you’re ready.

    This is a guy that’s thinking long-term, and that’s smart.


  4. @Me (#2): i grew up with the Chevy Celebrity. The Antarctic blue (metallic pea was sold out). My mother drove the ol’ family truckster cross country with my sister and i. had the big long front seat so the three of us could all sit in the front seat. a few months later, my dad “surprised” my mom by trading in the Celebrity for a new Volvo station wagon. She was never really the same.

  5. @A Fine Messi: that’s awesome. That front bench seat was hilarious. When I was 16 my friends in the passenger seat learned that they could reach the accelerator pedal with their left leg whenever they wanted to go faster.

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