DMV: The ‘Why Not?’ Orioles Are Still Playing Out Of Their Minds

O’s take opener of the Yanks series in a wild one, are tied for first. [Camden Chat]

Adam Jones’ 100th career HR was a game-winner in the 8th. [Melewski]

Reynolds hit two HR, his third two-HR game vs. NY this year. [Stats & Info]

The new Ripken statue at Camden isn’t great looking. [Bog]

Machado makes an impact on the O’s defense. [BSR]

Nats sweep thanks to Harper’s hustle, LaRoche’s bat. [WaPo]

Fun to see how the Cubs and Nats broadcasters handled the brawl. [Bog]

Handicapping the Nats in the various NL award races. [Nats Baseball]

Seven Nats are getting married this offseason. Seems like a lot. [Bog]

Barry Svrluga profiles Sam Huff. Make sure to read this one. [WaPo]

How Ovechkin could make the most of the NHL lockout. [Japers’ Rink]

Video: Evgeny Kutznetsov scores, does pushups on the ice. [RMNB]

Photos: Gary Williams Court has a new look. [Testudo Times]

8 thoughts on “DMV: The ‘Why Not?’ Orioles Are Still Playing Out Of Their Minds”

  1. Was watching last night’s O’s vs Yanks game last night from my apartment in New York. i hadn’t felt that way about the Orioles since 1997… the tone in the stadium was electric. i found myself reaching out to my old high school buddies on facebook and they all felt the same way. it was like i was driving my broken down 1987 suzuki samurai to the stadium again.

  2. Beautiful win last night for the O’s. Its time to brand this season with something better than “Why Not”, that was 97.

    Im putting in for “Tragic to Magic” because “Immaculate Conception” “Virgin Birth” and “Resurrection” are already taken.

  3. The redesign of GWC is fucking terrible. I wish the school would drop that god awful smashed flag/Maryland graphic, I find it offensive to distort the state flag in that manner. The MARYLAND TERRAPINS looks weak, the best hting you can say about it is that they kept the font white on red.

    I wish they would stick with the M and pennant as the logo and develop that as the signature mark.

  4. The “Why Not” team was in ’89, not ’97.

    Was at the game last night and I haven’t seen that stadium like that ever. Even ’97 playoffs didn’t have that same feeling. It was more reminiscent of Memorial Stadium crowds. Crazy stuff…

  5. I live in Federal Hill and last night was the first time I can recall hearing the crowd cheering in Camden. Was awesome on TV too.

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