Should RGIII Have Played In The Skins’ Final Preseason Game?

This may or may not be a hot-button topic on D.C. airwaves, but I haven’t seen much digital discussion about it, so: Shutdown Corner is wondering why the Redskins chose not to play Robert Griffin III in their final preseason game.

It’s an interesting inquiry, especially considering he attempted 90 percent fewer passes this preseason than the other four starting rookie QBs (Luck, Tannehill, Weeden and Wilson). His 31 passes were actually 14 fewer than his rookie teammate Kirk Cousins.

Is that the right approach? I don’t know. On one hand, RGIII didn’t get hurt, which is nice. On the other, he’s that much more unprepared for next week’s opener against New Orleans.

Taking the long view, I’m fine with it. These are glorified, ultra-violent practices. His short-term growth may be stunted, however slightly, and he may not be quite as ready for his NFL debut, but he’s still upright and at least able to make that debut.

A healthy RGIII makes for a happy you and me.

PS: I’m seeing a lot of stuff about how RGIII stopped wearing headphones during his pregame routine because of something Sonny Jurgensen said. Maybe he just didn’t wear them because he wasn’t actually playing last night?

7 thoughts on “Should RGIII Have Played In The Skins’ Final Preseason Game?”

  1. I think the point was he didn’t wear them before the game against the Colts. I don’t think it’s a big deal.

    Also, I’m fine with Griffin not playing in the final preseason game. Maybe he should have gotten more of a chance to throw the ball in the three other games, but whatever. I think him being healthy is way more important than anything he could have done in the preseason.

  2. My uneducated and completely uninformed guess about the headphones is the following: I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t wear them against the Colts because he was at Home and wasn’t worried about the crowd getting to him. Granted the stadium isn’t exactly rocking during warmups, but if you’re in a foreign stadium with a possibly hostile crowd, I see no reason why you shouldn’t pump some tunes to keep yourself calm and in touch with your QB zen center.

    Will be telling to see if he has them back on against the Saints down in NOLA.

    Probably completely wrong on my part though :)

  3. I agree with Krem. Wish he had played more in the 1st two games but I am completely fine with him sitting out last night.

    I have no opinion on the headphones.

  4. In regards to his playing time in preseason, I would argue that while playing “under the lights” is a great learning tool, RG3 still got plenty of reps this TC and Preseason due to the fact that from Day 1 the Skins were going 11v11 in practice.

    I read multiple reports that there was nearly zero 7v7 work and almost entirely 11v11 work in practice. This, I understood, was in an effort to give RG3 as many game situation looks against a full assortment of defensive players at all times.

    In my estimation, if he practiced 11v11 against our 1s on D all TC and preseason….hell, thats much better than playing an extra series our two against the Colts or Bills defenses.

    I could be wrong and I would have personally been more comfortable witnessing him get reps in the preseason games. But I also trust that Shanny knows what he is doing and is comfortable with the work that RG3 is put in…otherwise we would have seen him more.

  5. No, no, no…you don’t expose your mobile rookie franchise quarterback to injury in the last preseason game. Yes, I’m worried about the mobile quarterback thing…they seem to get hurt a lot. Glad we got Cousins.

  6. I could go both ways. However, I think replacement refs didn’t help matters. They need to get legitimate seasoned referees out there again. Not ones who worked in the lingerie league last year.

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