The Redskins released Chris Cooley just now. My personal history with Cooley — editing him at Yahoo! Sports, beating him in the Mottram-Cooley throw-off, etc. — aside, it’s safe to say he was one of the best Skins of the past 20 years. He certainly was a fan favorite.

He’ll be missed, and, if his playing days are over, he has an awesome broadcast career ahead of him, should he want it. I hope it’s in the D.C. market that loves him so. I also hope Fred Davis stays away from that reefer.

Update: Here’s video of Cooley’s goodbye press conference.

14 thoughts on “THANK YOU, CHRIS COOLEY”

  1. Textbook Redskin.

    Sad to see him go and I hope he can play somewhere else if he wants to. But damn, it’s going to be hard to watch him play in another jersey.

  2. You’ll be missed, Cooley. You were my favorite ‘skin over the past years. Do what you need to do, but you’ll always be welcome with Redskins fans.

  3. Cooley is a fan favorite who was that at first because he was a goofball. But he became even moreso because of his talent. Thing is that injuries interrupted his career and the Skins decided to go young again. His performance has dropped off a bit, but he still is far better than Niles Paul and offers intangibles to the team. It sucks.

  4. His agent died and he has none right now, so he has no clue what his value is. He could come back, but I’m surprised they never tried to renegotiate his deal. He broke down film all last year and gave coaches all of his notes every week. So I hope he stays in town as a Tight Ends coach at some point. His wife being a local helps matters. Shanny kept the door open.

  5. I would normally hope he catches on elsewhere and plays outstanding for a few more years. But I can’t listen to AReL another game so I’m hoping Cooley’s broadcast career starts this Wed.

    If there is such a thing, #47 was a True Redskin.

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