DMV: Clinton Portis’ Playing Days, 2002-10

Clinton Portis is retiring Thursday. It’s raining on my face. [The Insider]

We made 71 posts about Portie over the years. Relive them all. [Mr. I]

Pics of RGIII modeling for GQ are somehow not embarrassing. [Bog, GQ]

This hand-drawn RGIII card is not artistically impressive. [Capital Games]

Strasburg dominates the Braves, extends NL East lead to seven. [WaPo]

Bryce Harper shattered another bat Monday. HARP SMASH! [Nats Enquirer]

On Tyler Clippard’s closer song, “Ready or Not” by the Fugees. [Bog]

It’s been nice not having F.P. Santangelo on the Nats broadcast. [Bog]

O’s pick up a big win in Texas, go for series tonight. [Camden Chat]

Comparing Chipper’s last year to how Cal went out. [Baseball Prospectus]

Maryland football has bad, bad luck with injuries. [Testudo Times]

JMU is the No. 18 party school in the country, bros and girls. [JMUSB]

15 thoughts on “DMV: Clinton Portis’ Playing Days, 2002-10”

  1. Yeah I like F.P. A million times better than Dibble or Ray Knight. I don’t get all the hate.

    Carp on the other hand..

  2. The real question is what happened to the Sports Junkies quote on the side? Are we simply to forget the greatest feud in DC media?

    Sorry, second greatest media feud in DC. How could I forget Chad Dukes feud with common sense, hygiene, and being a cool guy.

  3. The RGIII GQ pics are embarrassing. Every time he comes up in a commercial or print ad it gets a little more annoying. The guy certainly has a right to all the endorsements and publicity he wants, but at this point its certainly clashing with the humble persona his PR team has assembled.

  4. How about that amazing call from Ray Knight last night after one of Stras’ many strikeouts, I think #10. “Get out your paint brushes and paint a picture. He’s a surgeon out there.” By far my favorite call of the year.

  5. I have to mute the TV when Ray Knight tries to talk. He might know his shit but he can’t speak in coherent sentences.

  6. Agree with the earlier comments on F.P. I think he’s pretty solid. Pick any baseball color guy and you’ll find a legion who think he’s garbage. Bob, on the other hand, is just awful but I think most people give him a pass because he’s been around for so long.

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