DMV: My New Favorite Redskin(s Highlight)

New Skins NT Marlon Favorite has an hilarious old highlight. [Hogs Haven]

RGIII should play about half the game vs. the Bears. [Real Redskins]

Five non-starters to watch in that Redskins-Bears game. [Hogs Haven]

Darrell Green’s son having a good camp with Carolina. [Charlotte Observer]

Redskins fan married woman with world’s largest breasts. [Hogs Haven]

Adam Carriker and RGIII talk about wrestling. A whole lot. [Bog]

The Nats have more home games left than any other team. [Nats Insider]

Nats’ 2-4 starters are better than most playoff teams’ 1-3. [Nats Baseball]

Only those from D.C. are supportive of shutting Strasburg down. [Bog]

Scott Boras also supports shutting Strasburg down, of course. [Bog]

The O’s lose to Boston to close out a 7-3 homestand. [Camden Chat]

The cutter is Dylan Bundy’s best pitch. O’s don’t like the cutter. [Melewski]

Responses to Dan Duquette’s odd distaste for the cutter. [CC, Fangraphs]

Adam Jones’ homeplate collision + postgame tweet are priceless. [BSR]

Shirtless soccer-playing Ovi reminds me how bad Ovi’s ink is. [RMNB]

Here’s a JMU class of 2016 orientation rap video. College! [JMUSB]

Get the basics on D.C. three new-ish breweries. [Young & Hungry]

4 thoughts on “DMV: My New Favorite Redskin(s Highlight)”

  1. “You notice that coaches and that former players who are evaluators, they’re not around when these players are hurt,” Boras said. “What’s interesting to me, [is] that these medical experts, no one questions their ability to fix the player, to make the player perform again. They all know that doctors are required for that.

    “But yet the very same doctors who are giving protocol as to what will make the player healthy and assure his return to being the stable player that he once was before the injury, all of the sudden everyone has an expert medical opinion without having the appropriate training and/or expertise.”

    Great way to put it. Had one doctor or trainer or therapist come out and said it was perfectly safe to pitch all season and will have no effect on his career? Other than, of course, the great orthopedic surgeon Dr. Stephen A. Smith.

  2. The Marlon Favorite hilite is great. Good job, good effort right there. Also that’s a fairly cool name

    And @Doc great line dude about Dr. SAS

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