DMV: Stephen Strasburg Innings Limit Ad Infinitum

Nats players understand Strasburg’s shutdown, aren’t happy about it. [WaPo]

Nats fans don’t seem the least upset about Stras’ innings limit. [Nats Blog]

But what do Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless think about it?!?1?! [Bog]

The Nats pounded the Giants, Vogelsong 14-2 in San Francisco. [WaPo]

Jayson Werth is getting an MRI on his ankle today. [Nats Journal]

Manny Machado named Player of the Week in his first week. [O’]

Patton and O’Day have been great in the O’s pen. [Dempsey’s Army]

Cooley draws an interesting comparison for RGIII: Sean Taylor. [The Insider]

There’s a new Redskins wine (probably paid for by Snyder). [Bog]

The 10 Skins who’ve made the most progress so far. [Homer McFanboy]

Skins sign OL Chris Campbell for needed insurance. [Real Redskins ]

Love these 50th anniversary Redskins cards. [It Is What It Is … ]

What John Wall needs to do to make USA Basketball. [Bullets Forever]

2 thoughts on “DMV: Stephen Strasburg Innings Limit Ad Infinitum”

  1. I miss that road kit — the solid navy cap and the interlocking DC made it the best in Washington baseball history. Did they think it was bad luck?

  2. I support the decision on Strasburg. After watching the Redskins mismanage injuries for years(Arrington/Landry come to mind), and the way players in sports will go to any lengths to hide injuries and play through pain, someone has to be the voice of reason. The competitive nature of athletes in general will not allow them to shut themselves down. I see this team getting better each year, so whatever happens this postseason will be a great learning experience and strengthen this team down the road.

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