Redskins-Bills Winners & Losers

Handing out labels thanks to the Skins 7-6 preseason win over Buffalo, with a little help from my friends Matt Terl, JP Finlay and Jack Kogod.


Robert Griffin III — The only portion of this game I was able to watch was a flawless touchdown drive orchestrated with ease. So, yeah, winner. Terl’s two cents: “RG3 [is a winner], partially for doing solidly but mainly just for not collapsing in on himself like a dying star.” Peter King has more.

Pierre Garcon — Looked good out there, scoring a TD while wearing fangs. Could’ve done without the frontflip, though.

Trent Williams — Played well and emerged healthy after an X-ray.

The Nats — Again. (Beast Mode!)


Evan Royster — Fumbled.

Antwaan Randle El — I’ve been told he was pretty much the worst sideline reporter in NFL history, a history which includes Eric Dickerson.

Everyone who had to listen to Joe Theismann — Sorry, guys.

Rex Grossman — Just on general principle (and 2-10 passing).

Replacement officials Apparently they didn’t do so hot either.

ESPN.comSomehow confused RGIII and Cedric Grffin (see above).


Kirk Cousins — He exists, and is already better than John Beck. “Looks backup-y,” says Kogod.

The fourth-quarter defense — Terl: “Is it just me, or is the fourth-quarter Redskins defense the same guys who were starting two years ago? That seems … good? But retroactively bad?”

Image taken with love from Redskins Blog’s Instagrams.

11 thoughts on “Redskins-Bills Winners & Losers”

  1. Didnt watch much beyond RGIII’s time (go Nats!) but royster didn’t look good at all. oh well, they won so NFC title should be a lock

  2. RGIII looked like he belonged. I was expecting a really uneven rookie performance. He just looked solid. No fuck-ups. Nothing flashy. Just a nice 80 yd drive when he was asked to sling it around and not hand it off.

    Seeing Sexxxy come in was a nice compare/contrast. Rex was our starting QB last year? That really happened? It’s a miracle we went 5-11.

    I’m not saying he’s Jerry Rice, but I think you’re being a little harsh on Garcon. He made skins fans feel a little more comfortable about his contract. I know I questioned it, and feel a little better after tonight.

  3. Winners:

    Back up defense. Wilson, Alexander, and Baker all impressed. This “depth” concept is foreign and slightly intimidating, but I like it and would like to subscribe to the newsletter.

    The Nationals: preseason football is here, and Baseball is still relevant in DC. Hooray baseball!


    Brandon Banks: if Crawford can show a few more nice returns, then it’s going to be a one-way child’s ticket to the Arena League for ol BB,

    DC area sports radio listeners: I’m sure tommorow will be filled with measured responses and reminders of the small sample size, and Larry Michael definitely won’t be on 980 plugging “1-0 Undefeated” commerative t-shirts for only 24.95.

  4. Cant’t judge Royster on Dareus/Willaims plus outside stretch fail w/Polumbus. Also, Grossman only allowed to throw to Banks, so don’t harsh out. Plus Raheem Moriis had a huge game. #sooogladfootballback

  5. Banks should’ve been in the Losers section. Unless he gets 10 yards of separation and doesn’t get underthrown, he’s useless as a receiver. Don’t know why Grossman kept throwing to him unless he was trying to prove my theory and highlight Banks’ worthlessness so he’d get cut.

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