MLB Players: Strasburg Is Weak

For some strong words from noted medical experts Jake Peavy and Jeff Francoeur on the Nats possibly shutting Stephen Strasburg down next month, head over to this piece from USA Today’s Bob Nightengale. A sampling:

“I don’t want to put words in their mouth what their veterans are thinking, but it would be very hard for me as a veteran player to accept that. It would just blow my mind thinking that the Nationals are going to the playoffs and Stephen Strasburg not being part of it? He’s arguably the best pitcher in the game. Don’t you want to seize the moment?”

“For me, you win as many damn games as you can, whenever you can. If that’s Stephen Strasburg throwing 200 innings, so what? Cole Hamels pitched 262 innings (at 25, in 2008) the year the Phillies won the World Series.”

There’s more where that came from, if you can handle the knuckle-dragging.

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5 thoughts on “MLB Players: Strasburg Is Weak”

  1. Funny that it seems near unanimous among Nats fans that Stras should be shut down.

    The people with no vested interest in the team (ie: Rob Dibblesque mouth breathers), seem to be the most riled by SS closing shop.

    Zimmermann, Gio, and Jackson/Detwiler/Lannan is still a pretty damn formidable playoff rotation. There are playoff teams wishing they had that kind of depth at SP.

  2. As it was said before, Hamels isn’t coming off of an injury and had pitched 183 innings the year before. Not a fair comparison.

  3. Not a Nats fan, but i’d have to agree with Peavy. You can use the “no vested interest” argument if you please, but there are no promises in the future. It’s hard to fluke into the playoffs over 162 games; take advantage of a good situation and make a push this year.

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