RGIII Doesn’t Look Better Than Grossman, Says Skins Reporter

I know it’s so very early, there hasn’t even been a preseason game yet, but this kind of talk makes one shudder to think:

“Does [RGIII] at least look better than Rex Grossman?”, asked JP [of the Junkies].

“No”, replied [Washington Examiner reporter Rick] Snider. “Rex actually knows this thing so well, he can just pick people apart.”


“The defense has been sitting on [RGIII] everyday now for two weeks. You know each other a lot more than anyone than any is going to know you. The vets are taking great delight in beating RG here.”

“He looks like a rookie, but not the worst rookie I’ve seen.”

So there’s that. Considering Snider has covered the Skins all the way back to when Heath Shuler was a rookie, though, it’s not saying much. And, really, none of this is saying much.

It’s just silly preseason talk, like when we thought Steve Spurrier would torch the NFL thanks to a 38-7 win in Japan. Right? Right.

9 thoughts on “RGIII Doesn’t Look Better Than Grossman, Says Skins Reporter”

  1. If John Keim or one of the better, more in-depth Redskins reporters had said this, it would mean more to me.

    So much for getting to the team’s first preseason game before stuff like this is said. Ridiculous.

  2. “Not sure what the problem is…we’re running the same plays we did in Osaka.” Old Ball Coach

    There in lies the problem, kept running the same 5 plays.

  3. I was thinking exactly what Krem said. He’s a rookie, they’re still working on the plays that will work with him, Rex knows the system and Rex is also going against the 2nd string. I’m not worried and in fact I’m pleased that the defense is doing so well.

  4. Here’s hoping RGIII & Hankerson can put up numbers half as good as Sage Rosenfels to Derrius Thompson!

    pitch and catch, boys! PITCH AND CATCH!

  5. Is there going to be an open thread for tonight’s game so all of our meaningless speculation doesn’t go to waste?
    RGIII – 4 for 6.
    Starting O – one false start penalty, 20 yds rushing.
    Starting D – one pick.
    Skins 14, Buff 6.

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