DMV: RGIII Training Camp Report

Read this RGIII camp report to curb the enthusiasm. [Redskins Confidential]

Of course, Shanahan and co. are putting max pressure on RGIII. [WaPo]

But, hey, he did get to meet Mark Rypien’s daughter (above). [Instagram]

Anthony Armstrong wore a curious jersey at practice. [Pro Football Talk]

Here’s RGIII’s new Subway commercial, which is pretty boring. [Bog]

Here’s the Redskins preseason broadcast schedule, if you like. [Bog]

Cooley will play some fullback in Thursday night’s opener. [The Insider]

Vinny Cerrato backed out of a local dunk tank promotion, damn it. [Bog]

Nats squeak one out in Houston, which is a dark and lonely place. [WaPo]

Nats ad no-hitting Cesar Izturis for middle-infield depth. [Nats Journal]

Bryce Harper wore camo hightop spikes last night. Fashion! [Nats Enquirer]

O’s win third straight thanks to more strong pitching. [Camden Chat]

The O’s haven’t been this good this late in forever. [Krem’s Sports]

O’s bonus baby Kevin Gausman made a successful pro debut. [O’s Insider]

Work on Byrd Stadium’s turf is done. Take a look. [Testudo Times]

Maryland football has some new uni variants too. [Testudo Times]

Pierre McGuire: Caps teammates would roll eyes at Alex Semin. [RMNB]

Japers’ primer on the essentials of the Caps franchise. [Puck Daddy]

The Wiz get a B on their offseason report card. [Eye on Basketball]

2 thoughts on “DMV: RGIII Training Camp Report”

  1. Man that RGIII report was depressing. Especially the last part about him having his eyes closed.

    In other, better news: Mark Rypien’s daughter.

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