DMV: Redskins Want To Control Message, And Messengers

Time to address Skins banning 106.7 The Fan from RGIII presser. [DS]

We all knew Steinz would cover the presser fiasco, and here it is. [Bog]

Fred Davis talks about his ‘hilarious’ days in court. [Bog]

National press stops into Ashburn and tells everyone how hot it was. [SI]

One more report from Ashburn, with pictures. [Homer McFanboy]

The O’s and Joe Blanton appear to be close, but not done deal yet. [BS]

Birdland beats the Yanks and Mark Teixeiria hurts his wrist. [ESPNNY]

Nats at No. 4 on new MLB rankings thanks to ‘unimpeachable’ pitching. [G]

We can all agree how great it is that the Phillies kinda suck, right? [WT]

Facing mountain of injuries, Nats interested in another backstop. [CSNW]

Say what you will about Ted Leonsis, but he responds to the fans. [BF]

Alex Semin is gone. How should we remember him? [CSN Washington]

New laws in DC for drunk driving. Don’t do it. [Century Council]

One of the best lifestyle sites for the DMV is hiring. [BYT]

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