Dylan Bundy’s Curveball Curves

Hell of a week for Dylan Bundy. First Sports Illustrated gives him the Tom Verducci treatment. Then it was reported that the O’s plan on moving him to Double-A at 19, just one year out of high school. And now this video of his epic curveball is making the rounds (via The Big Lead). Enjoy it at the 50-second mark, and look forward to it, O’s fans. It may be bending in Baltimore before you know it.

3 thoughts on “Dylan Bundy’s Curveball Curves”

  1. Wow! Come on Dylan we need the help big time. Now if Manny can step up and take over for the struggling JJ Hardy.

  2. Someone please speed up time. Also, the foul ball hitting a car in the parking lot was hilarious. Ah, minor league games.

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