3 thoughts on “Mike Morse Hits The Longest HR In Nats Park History (VIDEO)”

  1. What was the previous longest?

    I saw Ryan Howard hit one roughly 15ft short of the bar in right center a couple years ago. That ball was crushed.

  2. They are now calling the homerun hit by Michael Morse on Friday 7/20/12 the longest in Nationals Park history, ~465 feet. Of course the park has only been open since the 2008 season, but still!

    The video doesn’t do it justice. It left the park on rope, in a hurry. I was watching from the upper left field stands and had a clear view. It was one of those blasts you knew was a homer before it barely left the infield and I jumped up and screamed “WOW” as it cleared the fence. I watched the video reply at the park a couple times and thought it fell just a few feet shy of the restaurant windows beyond the left-centerfield bleachers, but one media report said it actually hit the windows?
    Morse = Beast.

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