DMV: Jordan Zimmermann, You’re Our Hero

ZNN is brilliant yet again as Nats take series from Mets. [WaPo]

Drew Storen is coming back today, it appears. [Nats Journal]

Jayson Werth begins rehab at Potomac tomorrow. [Nats Journal]

Bonus baby Alex Meyer also called up to Potomac. [Nats Journal]

Davey Johnson’s bench has performed at a star level. [Tom Boswell]

O’s beat Twins 2-1 behind Tommy Hunter, Adam Jones. [O’s Insider]

Another day, another commercial: RGIII for Gatorade. [Bog]

LeRibeus signs, so all Skins rooks are under contract. [The Insider]

Evan Royster put up crazy numbers in limited time. [Hogs Haven]

Ryan Kerrigan plays guest anchor on Comcast SportsNet. [Bog]

Good stuff from Vegas on Beal and the Wiz Summer Leaguers. [TAI]

JaVale McGee gets a four-year, $44 million deal. [Bullets Forever]

John Wall is the longest-tenured Wizard. Whoa. [Wizards Insider]

Remember the time Andray Blatche ate pregame nachos. [Bog]

Calle Johansson returns to D.C. as assistant coach. [Caps Insider]

4 thoughts on “DMV: Jordan Zimmermann, You’re Our Hero”

  1. With Storen back, who the hell do you cut!?!?!

    Stammen – 1.66 ERA
    Mattheus – 1.69 ERA
    Burnett – 1.89
    Mike Gonzalez – 2.51
    Gorzelanny – 3.95
    H. Rodriguez – 4.74

    H. Rodriguez is young and hits 100 mph, so you don’t want to lose him for nothing.

    Gorzelanny looks like the logical choice, but fills the middle-reliever innings-eater role best, while the others are more one inning or batter-by-batter specialists.

    I think it ends up being Gonzalez. New guy, probably replaceable if you need a lefty specialist.

  2. Assuming they do not DL someone with a lingering or made up injury, it has to be Gonzalez. He’s the oldest, most hittable, strikes out the least, and walks more than anyone else this side of H-Rod. Plus he’s the third lefty.

    I would bet on someone getting put on the DL (maybe Desmond) as if its Gonzalez he will almost certainly be claimed off the waiver wire. Maybe they can trade Gonzalez for a mid-tier prospect at the deadline.

  3. Is [first letter of first name]-rod the standard nickname for players with the last name Rodriguez? If so, I want no part of it.

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