Site News: We’re Publishing An Exclusive RGIII Q&A Thursday

There isn’t much to say that the headline didn’t blare already, but tomorrow, courtesy of adidas, we’re publishing a 2,000-word sit-down interview with Robert Griffin III(!) that Mr. Irrelevant contributing writer JP Finlay conducted recently at FedEx Field. Here’s an excerpt, and the whole thing is damn good. More tomorrow.

JP: How is the offense looking? I’m not sure how much you’ve followed the local football scene here, but there’s been talk in the past about maybe the coaches not tailoring the offense to quarterback’s strengths. Have you seen that at all? Does the offense seem to flow the way you want it, the way you hope it would?

RGIII: The biggest thing I’ll say to that is every coach has an offense. Every quarterback is going to run that offense differently. Every quarterback is going to have certain plays within that offense they like, some that they don’t like. I don’t know the history of Coach Shanahan and haven’t talked to his quarterbacks about whether he molds the system to them or gives them suggestions, but from what he’s told me, is that he is going to listen to me. I listen to Coach.

If there is a certain play where I go, “Coach you know I really don’t like this play for this game.” And they might think it’s the greatest play ever created, but if he feels I’m not comfortable with it, he won’t call it.

JP: So that’s worked well so far?

RGIII: Right now, it’s just about learning the offense. There is no input.

They don’t call a play and I say, “Coach, I don’t like that play.” That doesn’t happen. But as you learn the offense you figure out, “I like that play a lot, I really don’t like this play a lot.” And they’ve told me they’re going to listen to me on those types of things and of course when it comes to doing other types of things outside of the pocket and running the ball, there’ll be little tricks here and there, but the majority of our offense will be throwing the ball and running the ball with power.

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