The Cal Ripken Nats Jersey Foul

We’ve seen some pretty egregious jersey fouls lately (see: the RGIII O’s jersey, see also: the Tebow O’s jersey), but this is the foulest. It’s a Cal Ripken Nats jersey (via John Collings), which is like a Ryan Zimmerman O’s jersey, except 2,632 times worse.

Ripken is basically Mr. Oriole. He’s one of the greatest of all time, and he played every game of his illustrious career for Baltimore, of course. Washington is also Baltimore’s rival, if it has one, and D.C. even has its own team now!

In any event, this does not compute. You either wear a Ripken O’s jersey or you wear another guy’s Nats jersey. Or, better yet, you don’t wear a jersey at all and opt for a shirsey. It’s cheaper/less ridiculous.

You do not under any circumstance customize a Ripken Nats jersey. But if you must, don’t wear it out in public, especially to Nats Park, and especially not with mandals.

14 thoughts on “The Cal Ripken Nats Jersey Foul”

  1. In the fall, he wears a Ray Lewis Redskins jersey.

    That’s just an awful, awful jersey, though had he used Billy Ripken’s number, that might have been so perverse that it was awesome.

    Also, why the mandals hate? Shoe and socks are overrated.

  2. Mandals are fine, so long as you’re comfortable not caring about your appearance in any way whatsoever. They’re kinda like Crocs that way. Actually, Crocs may qualify as mandals; they might as well.

  3. Crocs do not belong on men. Period.
    Anyone remember sperry topsiders with white socks? AKA – “docks ‘n socks”

  4. My dad rocks topsiders with socks. He’s 70 and just plain dont give a fu$%. He would not, however, rock the Ripken Nats jersey

  5. This way he can go to Nats or O’s games, depending on who isn’t doing worse.

    I understand the appeal of the jersey, but c’mon man

  6. I’ll say this. I grew up basically an Orioles fan since we didn’t have a DC team and I will always Ripken. In some sense , even though I am a Nats fan, I still feel like Ripken in part belongs to us.

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