Chris Davis’ Broken-Bat Home Run (VIDEO)

This happened Wednesday, and I wanted to post the GIF yesterday, but I couldn’t figure it out, so here the video:

Can’t say I can recall seeing that before, at least not where the barrel breaks clean off at the handle, and it adds to the lore of Chris Davis’ surprisingly strong season (.308/.350/.542). Of course, this is the Internet, so here’s a far-ranging discussion of broken-bat homers.

5 thoughts on “Chris Davis’ Broken-Bat Home Run (VIDEO)”

  1. Another O’s story cool….If the O’s and the Nats played in the World Series (which is not an insane thought this season), who would the Mottram’s root for?

  2. Please stick with Orioles AND Nats coverage as not all of us have dumped the franchise we grew up watching. kthx

    and an O’s vs Nats WS is absolutely and insane thought.

  3. Mid-June and both teams would be in playoffs, highly unlikely but not insane….and your formula is far from “ill”.

  4. Yeah really, the Nats are like 2 days old. All the Va guys are suddenly homers after years of repping the Yankees, Red Sox or god knows what ever other team is out there.

    I like the Nats, but will always like O’s more so many of the MD guys (even some VA guys) ages 20-45 will like the Orioles. The Orioles were and are still covered in the DC area, so deal with it.

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