DMV: Worry About Bryce’s Back?

Davey expresses concern over Bryce’s back, Bryce says he’s fine. [CSNW]

Chemistry for Nats with Bryce’s bloody face as metaphor. [Tom Boswell]

Nats pick up minor-league catcher from Pirates for backstop depth. [FB]

O’s blow sweep and Fenway win streak in loss to BoSox. [Camden Chat]

Baltimore brass pleased with 2012 MLB Draft results. [Baltimore Sun]

With the conclusion of OTAs, everybody talks RGIII. [CBSS, NBCS, RR]

Are the Skins now “Virginia’s Team” and should it matter? [Bog]

It appears DeAngelo Hall gets blackout drunk at home by himself. [Bog]

New name in the Capitals coaching search: Adam Oates. [DC SB Nation]

Mike Knuble stays classy, even on his way out. Fans will miss him. [Bog]

Looks more like pick No. 3 for the Wiz will be either MKG or Beal. [WaPo]

Not local, and many hate him, but Lebron amazed last night. [SI, Yahoo]

Terp talk: early season football and Stoglin, Len NBA chances. [BS]

Fancy a game of footy? Euro Cup 2012 begins today in Poland. [SI]

Tace Bell to go after Chipotle in what can only be good for all of us. [DCist]

One thought on “DMV: Worry About Bryce’s Back?”

  1. The power of the Boston sports fan/teams is the fact that I am rooting for Lebron in this series. But it’s all about KD in the finals.

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