DMV: Bryce And The Nats Take Down Halladay And The Phillies

Nats and J-Zimm take down Phils with Halladay on the mound. [WaPo]

Bryce Harper ropes triple off Halladay to lead Nats win w/video. [Yahoo]

Harper quotes Reggie, “They don’t boo nobodies.” [USA Today]

19-yr-old Bryce knew what was coming from Halladay. Wow. [Nats Insider]

After H-Rod, Ty Clippard makes strong case to close. [Nats Journal]

Brian Matusz great w/ six strong innings in win over BoSox. [Balt. Sun]

After more than a decade of suck, 20 reasons to love the O’s again. [BS]

Adam Jones wants Teddy Roosevelt to win a President’s Race. [Bog]

With Brian Roberts beginning rehab, questions for Robert Andino. [MASN]

With Caps looking for new boss, Craig Berube could be interested. [DCSBN]

Skins accept salary cap penalty, should be able to move on. [CSNW]

Get to know new Skins WR Joshua Morgan. [Homer McFanboy]

Pierre Garcon not concerned about No. 1 receiver title. [The Insider]

Anyone know the real story between party decks and waiting lists? [Bog]

Watching Trent Williams swing a golf club is absolutely worth it. [Bog]

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