DMV: Nats Win Despite H-Rod Struggles

Nats hang on after H-Rod tries to give away great game from Gio. [WaPo]

Last night may have been the end of Henry Rodriguez as closer. [CSNW]

Somebody may have thrown something at Bryce Harper in Philly. [Bog]

O’s drop game to BoSox after bullpen gives up late homer. [Balt. Sun]

More hubbub about yelling “O” during the National Anthem. [BLS]

Shanny gets laid out at Redskins OTAs by Pierre Garcon. [DCSBN]

RGIII looks impressive on first day with veteran players. [SI]

Chris Cooley, despite some recent pics, ready for 2012 season. [WT]

Steinz and co. get into comment debate about headlines and intent. [Bog]

Marion Barry asks Flying Dog to end “Crack One Open” campaign. [DCist]

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