Robert Griffin III O’s Jersey Foul

I don’t have nearly as much of a problem with this as the Tim Tebow O’s jersey. At least O’s/Skins fans exist. I’m one of them, and, considering there wasn’t an NFL team in Baltimore or MLB team in D.C. from 1984-1995, there are probably many more.

Still, if you’re going to get an O’s shirsey you should probably get an actual O’s player on the back. They do own the AL’s best record through 40 games and early MVP candidate Adam Jones even wears No. 10, you know.

(Many thanks to fellow Skins/O’s fan @mattfacini for the tip-off.)

7 thoughts on “Robert Griffin III O’s Jersey Foul”

  1. There’s nothing worse than Caps fans shouting “OH!” during the National Anthem at home games. Um, this ain’t Baltimore, a-holes.

  2. Calm down, the O’s were and still are the baseball team for this area. Just because the NoVa boys never got into the O’s doesn’t mean those of us in MD who like our Skins/Caps/Wiz doesn’t mean we can’t rep the O’s.

  3. I hate the “O” during the anthem as well. So fucking annoying. Actually I hate o’s period. My new name is Walter Jhnsn.

    Kuruption- If “this area” you’re referring to is Dundalk, than your’e goddamn right about that. I mean “this area” can be anywhere. It’s the internet, and the guy who runs this “DC Sports Blog” is an orioles fan who lives in NC, sooo

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