Spotted: Ovi’s Ridiculous Mercedes, With a New Paint Job

We were first made familiar with Ovi’s understated 2010 Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG Black Series by Steinz a couple years ago. Then it was covered with a flat black paint job. But now it has a new look, as spotted by the youngest Mottram on Thursday morning:

Still an amazing vehicle, although could do without the Rangers colors right about now. Another photo of the car, and Beef’s account of his run in with it after the jump.

He pulled up next to me in Ballston and was clearly headed to Ketler for the morning skate. He was definitely heavy on the gas, but that’s probably because the morning skate started at 9am and it was like 8:58am. I gave him a honk and he looked over in time for me to give him a thumbs up before he hit the gas again.

5 thoughts on “Spotted: Ovi’s Ridiculous Mercedes, With a New Paint Job”

  1. It’s a sweet ride. The car was at the Katie’s Cars & Coffee meetup in Great Falls a few weeks back with the new paint. Heard one of Ovi’s buddies borrowed the car for the morning.

  2. It’s been that new color for at least a month now. Saw it at Kettler a few weeks ago and wife saw it their before that.

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