Nats PR Says America’s Most Beautiful City Is … Pittsburgh

As tweeted by @NationalsPR, which is “the official Twitter page of the Washington Nationals Baseball Media Relations Department,” during last night’s Nats-Pirates game at PNC Park (via D.C. Sports Bog):

Now, PNC Park is a beautiful ballpark, and I don’t find Pittsburgh itself to be particularly ugly, but really? You’re the PR arm of the Nationals and you’re hailing Pittsburgh as “America’s most beautiful city”? Seems “off-message,” which is a thing PR people say.

We tweeted this from @MrIrrelevantDC and are having some fun with it over there, but it seems right for the website too, so kick it around a little. Can’t wait to see what the Nats tweet when visiting Philly.

3 thoughts on “Nats PR Says America’s Most Beautiful City Is … Pittsburgh”

  1. That ballpark is incredible, but no chance Pittsburgh is the country’s most beautiful city.

    For me, it’s San Fran in a runaway.

  2. The view is pretty awewome. The polar opposite is Yankee Stadium. The view of the run down Bronx buildings over the outview wall is hideous.

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