DMV: Caps Lose In 3OT Despite Matt Hendricks’ Killer Kabong

Caps lose Game 3 to Rangers 2-1 in triple overtime. Ouch. [Japers’, RMNB]

Video: Matt Hendricks nails New York’s Ryan McDonagh. [Russian Machine]

Braden Holtby’s mom stars on NBC’s broadcast of the game. [Bog]

Caps fans respond to Rangers fans with Ovi chant of their own. [Bog]

The Caps don’t have much luck when it comes to 3OT. [Homer McFanboy]

Nats snap skid on Harper’s three hits and Desmond’s walk-off. [WaPo]

Strasburg and his 1.13 ERA are the NL Pitcher of the Month. [Nats Journal]

The attendance at Bryce harper’s home debut wasn’t so strong. [Bog]

Drew Storen has his Twitter handle on his baseball glove. [Bog]

Adam LaRoche stars in a new Buck Commander trailer. [Nats Inquisition]

Gio Gonzalez flies his barber in from Oakland for haircuts. [Bog]

O’s shut out Yanks with a strong start from Jake Arrieta. [Camden Chat]

An ESPN columnist thinks Robert Griffin III can’t play in the rain. [Bog]

Jabar Gaffney got a deal with New England in no time. [The Insider]

The post-Nene Wizards were a totally different team. [Wiz Insider]

Gilbert Arenas and Nick Young are still hanging out. []

Shutdown Fullback metalicizes the Maryland fight song. [SBN D.C.]

3 thoughts on “DMV: Caps Lose In 3OT Despite Matt Hendricks’ Killer Kabong”

  1. That Hendricks hit was a monster. Shoulda ended the game right after it too but shot went just wide.

    3OT is brutal. Glad both teams have an extra day of rest.

    and Nats game was awesome last night.

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