Want: RGIII’s First Redskins Card

4 thoughts on “Want: RGIII’s First Redskins Card”

  1. Won’t Griffin be wearing #1 not #10? I thought it was because he was drafted second overall but will always be #1 in our hearts… womp womp.

  2. Why all the hype over a guy who had one good year in three and also has already torn an ACL once. He played in a weak BIG 12 conference and now he is in the NFC East. He has no weapons to throw to. He is gonna be running for his life and end up like Mike Vick, injury prone. I am guessing he will be lucky to play 10 games this year.
    The Eagles, Giants and Cowboys all drafted Defensive help and what did the sorry ass Skins do, draft a franchise QB and no one good to protect him. Can’t wait to see this circus.

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