Ready or Not, Here Comes Bryce Harper

Some things move ahead of schedule. With the Nats currently in first place despite an anemic offense, the team’s brain trust decided it was time to give 19-year-old Bryce Harper a call. As The Washington Post reported, Harper will make his Major League debut tomorrow in Dodger Stadium. Harper joins the roster as Ryan Zimmerman heads to the DL with a shoulder injury.

The move prompts a billion questions, chief among them is Harper’s readiness. He hadn’t done much in AAA Syracuse, hitting .250 with a homer and three RBIs. But who cares about that. Harper has been touted as the best hitting prospect in years, and now is his chance to show why. Harper will play left for the Nats, and as @recordsandradio pointed out the team has gotten nothing offensively from that position so far this year. Harper can’t be worse.

As all things baseball, Boz said it best:

?@ThomasBoswellWP: Harper debut is way, way cooler this way: real baseball, unscripted, scary for Riz, huge psyche for Harp and Davey grinning, “Give ’em hell”

19 years old. In Dodger Stadium. Good luck kid. This should be fun.

One thought on “Ready or Not, Here Comes Bryce Harper”

  1. this is just the kick in the pants both Harpo and the Nats need. it’s such a strange feeling bearing witness to such awesome pitching yet feeling disheartened by our anemic offense. Balls-out move.

    i shudder to think what the Nats would look like had they signed Prince Fielder.

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