DMV: A New Era Begins

After months of speculation, Robert Griffin III is officially a Redskin. [WaPo]

Very cool video of fan reaction to the RGIII pick. [Hogs Haven]

The ceiling for RGIII is very, very high. It’s ok to be excited. [SC]

It’s a good time to be a DC sports fan, could get much better. [WaPo]

Other spots for Skins to cover in draft, next pick in 3rd round. [DCSBN]

Caps-Rangers second round playoff series begins tomorrow at 3. [CSNW]

Joel Ward is the man on and off the ice. [Bog]

Caps-Rangers preview, both advanced from tough 7-game series. [ESPN]

Nats drop series finale in San Diego, still take series. [Federal Baseball]

No matter how good the pitching, Nats can’t win all the tight games. [CSNW]

O’s win again, sweep Toronto, with Brian Matusz delivering. [Balt. Sun]

It’s April 27 and the O’s and Nats are in first place, enjoy it. [MLB]

Wiz end season on fire, beat Miami for 6th straight W. [Wash. Times]

Etan Thomas explains that Wiz fans should be optimistic. [ESPN]

8 thoughts on “DMV: A New Era Begins”

  1. When are the socks available for purchase? I will wear them with shorts. I will wear them to bed. I want to American Pie those socks. WHEN?!!?

  2. #1 – couldn’t agree more. i’m wearing those with my suit, shorts, at the beach, when it’s bidness time, etc….

    #2 – you know it’s bad when the Sun headline is just how long it’s been since your last quality start.

    Welcome back JP.

  3. Just drafted a QB in the 4th round when there was at least one good tackle left on the board.

    This is about good a pick as Jacksonville taking a punter in the 3rd which is not very. Then again RG3’s biggest knock is his frame.

  4. Yeah the more I think about it the more I’m ok with the pick. It’s a huge gamble to think RG3 will be completely indestructible especially considering how people have quickly forgotten he had a major injury 2 years ago. All it takes is one or two good games for Cousins to look good so we can flip him for a pick. Besides that we’ve also drafted our QB for the future. John Beck was cut and Grossman will only be here next year and maybe one more year after if that.

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