Nike Football Continues Proud Tradition Of Ugly Redskins Shoes

Nike revealed its NFL Draft Pack shoes today, and they’re both hideous and badass, as you may have predicted.

Those are the AirMax 95 No-Sew NFLs, apparently, customized with Redskins colors burgundy, gold … and red? Is that for the color of their skin? Racism! The only way you’ll get away with these is at an actual game, where you can bet your air bubbles you’ll get props from mobs of boozed-up Skinsbros.

As far as Redskins shoes go, you can do worse. Here are five more I found via a Google Image search extensive research:

There was a time when these Gil Zeros were considered fashionable. I even know a guy who had some.

These are hideous, but they belong to a Hogette, so they get a pass.

Again, hideous, but the Sean Taylor tributes get a pass too.

Steinz actually posted a bunch of Redskins sneakers once upon a time, including these mustard-tongued Ronald McDonald Chucks.

Now, this is how you do Redskins Chucks, so ugly they’re beyond reproach.

Update: Unsilent shares two more, the Nike Zoom KD IIIs and the Blazer SBs (or whatever).

(If you have some awful/awesome Redskins apparel, let us know.)

11 thoughts on “Nike Football Continues Proud Tradition Of Ugly Redskins Shoes”

  1. Girlfriend one year for Christmas bought me some low top nike dunks from nikeid that she TRIED to customize with Skins colors. Instead they came out mustard yellow and fire engine red with black trim.

    Not a good look at all, worst part was I had to pretend to be excited about them because she had no idea how far off the colors were…

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