Caps Win Tightest Series Ever!*

These mediocre Caps just knocked off the Stanley Cup champs in overtime of Game 7, with an unknown 22-year-old in goal to boot. GTFO, Boston.

“Great job, kid.” ~ the classy/condescending Tim Thomas

* I don’t know if that’s an actual fact, but it went seven games, and every one of them was decided by one goal, four of them in overtime, so.

7 thoughts on “Caps Win Tightest Series Ever!*”

  1. Fuck. Yeah.

    in a vacuum i wouldve preferred that they never made the postseason so that they can tear down the team properly but just like the ‘skins, i could never cheer for them to lose

  2. Game winner in OT on the road was awesome. Like Wesley snipes said in passenger 57: always bet on black.

    #3 makes some good points above. I smell a guest post.

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