DMV: Ted Is Bringing Ernie Back

The Wiz are bringing GM Ernie Grunfeld back, probably for two more years, despite all of the incredible amounts of losing. [Wiz Insider]

Timing seems odd. Why not interview other candidates? [Bullets Forever]

The move isn’t popular with fans and at least one blogger. [Krem’s Sports]

If Ernie’s just doing what Leonsis wants, why not keep him? [Mike Wise]

Wiz beat Bobcats for first four-game win streak in four-plus years. [AP]

Game 6 of Caps-Bruins is D.C.’s most-watched NHL game in years. [Bog]

Here’s a fun Alex Ovechkin-Tim Thomas anecdote from the past. [RMNB]

A fascinating look at Ian Desmond, helmet stealer. [Gnats Nation]

Edwin Jackson wears 33. Isn’t that Frank Howard’s? [William World News]

Nats power rankings range from third to seventh. [Trail of Burgundy Tears]

The O’s sign ex-Milwaukee standout Bill Hall. [MLB Trade Rumors]

Vinny Cerrato shares some Redskins draft day stories. Frightening. [Bog]

The latest photographic evidence that Skins fans love RGIII. [Bog]

Skins sign ex-St. Louis LB/special-teamer Bryan Kehl. [Pro Football Talk]

Redskins WR/TE gets interviewed by a kick-ass Tumblrer. [Burgundy Blog]

VT fires Seth Greenberg after nine years, one Tourney appearance. [WaPo]

Former VT player Jeff Allen is happy about Greenberg’s firing. [SBNDC]

Video: Meet Maryland’s incoming crop of hoops recruits. [Terps Insider]

7 thoughts on “DMV: Ted Is Bringing Ernie Back”

  1. Frank Howard was #9 in DC until Ted Williams came in to coach in 1969. Howard used 33 for 1969-1970 and was gone after the 1971 season.

  2. I used to run into him at the ABC store in Vienna by Westwood. There is still some Frank Howard signed items in that liquor store. He was working as a scout for the Yankees last I saw him.

  3. Grunfeld has to be up there for longest tenured NBA GM’s right? I know the Kings guy Petrie has been there long but he’s been exec of the year twice and just took like a 60% pay cut to stay with the team.

    New blood isn’t a always a bad thing Ted.

  4. Was walking up 6th street from F to H at noon. Andre Blatche pulls up in his Rolls Royce convertible, does an illegal U turn, then parallel parks next to Coffee Beanery and walks in with a Nationals hat, cut off sweats, and sandals. Who parks a Rolls Royce convertible on the street. I certainly hope he left it there for a minute before parking it inside Verizon Center.

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