DMV: Back To Boston, Tied At 2

Caps take Game 4 2-1, turn this into a best-of-three series. [Japers’ Rink]

Braden Holtby is back to being the motherflippin’. [RMNB, On Frozen Blog]

Ovechkin gave Semin a smooch after the game-winning goal. [RMNB]

Ovi also took a little tumble into the bench last night. [Puck Daddy]

The Caps won despite a ill-timed clock malfunction. [Puck Daddy]

Video: Here’s the Caps’ “Because It’s the Cup” commercial. [RMNB]

Sounds like the Colts have told Andrew Luck he’s their pick. [The Insider]

Contrary to some anon. report, RGIII says he isn’t selfish. [Eye on Football]

Science: An RGIII-led 2011 Redskins team would’ve won 8.3 games. [Bog]

The “ultimate mock draft” still has the Skins taking RGIII. [Michael Silver]

Edwin Jackson roughed up in Nats loss to Houston, 10-4. [WaPo]

O’s win three of four vs. Chicago thanks to Jones, Hammel. [Camden Chat]

A kid ran on the field during the game, somehow. [B’more Sports Report]

The Junkies and Tony Kornheiser feud over Tim Kurkjian, kind of. [Bog]

Hey, spring football previews! [Testudo Times, JMU Sports Blog]

Maryland’s blue crab population is booming. [Washington Examiner]

5 thoughts on “DMV: Back To Boston, Tied At 2”

  1. Bruins fans were starting fights in the 400 sections last night, according to multiple twitter reports from beat writers. Bruins fans eat ass.

  2. Early in the marlins game tonight, when the marlins refused to test ankiel’s arm, bob carpenter said ” nobody runs on Rick.”. That’s a slogan in search of a shirt.

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