DMV: Jabar Gaffney Is Long Gone

Jabar Gaffney, who may’ve been the team’s best offensive player last season, says the Redskins are trying to trade him, and he thinks it has something to do with last week’s Twitter incident, which he claims was a hack job (love you, athletes). In any event, he’s been told not to attend offseason workouts. [Redskins Confidential]

Robert Griffin III gets an SI cover, which goes with RG3, not RGIII. [Bog]

Video: RGIII’s new Adidas commercial is kind of badass. [Bog]

McNabb would vote for himself for the HOF, so you know. [PFT]

Love these “Win [Game 4] for Nicky” signs. [Russian Machine Never Break]

The more Ovechkin hits, the less Ovi shoots/scores. [Caps Insider]

Philly Daily News’ Sidney Crosby cover is amazing. [Puck Daddy]

ZNN shines as the Nats beat Houston 3-2 to go to 10-3. [WaPo]

A panel will decide how the Nats and O’s split MASN money. [Ken Rosenthal]

The O’s finally dropped one to Chicago, 8-1. [Camden Chat]

Keith Law thinks the O’s are mishandling Dylan Bundy. [BSR]

Jamie Moyer used to be an Oriole you know. [O’s Card “O” The Day]

The Wiz spoil Milwaukee to win their second in a row. [WaPo]

Great photoshop of the Arenas-Crittenton card game. [Truth About It]

Andray Blatche is out for the season, “conditioning.” [Wiz Insider]

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