The Secret Of Rick Ankiel’s Unbelievable Arm (VIDEO)

He used to be a pitcher.

The irony is he couldn’t throw strikes, so he became an outfielder, and now he’s hitting the mitt from 300 feet (video via D.C. Sports Bog):

“The writer Raymond Chandler once said, ‘When in doubt, have a man come through a door with a gun in his hand.’ The baseball equivalent may be those few seconds between realizing Ankiel is about to unleash his left arm, that gift from the baseball gods, and the moment he releases the ball.” ~ Adam Kilgore

2 thoughts on “The Secret Of Rick Ankiel’s Unbelievable Arm (VIDEO)”

  1. My dad said that was the best throw he has seen live since Willie Mays threw out a Dodger in Ebbets Field in 1957. My dad is not one to exaggerate, unless it relates to me fucking something up.

  2. We miss Ankiel in St. Louis, but I’m glad he went to my other team. His comeback is still one of the best stories in baseball. St. Louis just had a log jam in the outfield and someone had to go. The Nats are lucky to have him.

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