DMV: Top Caps Prospect Evgeny Kuznetsov Decked, Then Kicked

This happened in a KHL playoff game and resulted in a minor penalty. [PD]

Brooks Laich’s Caps guarantee of sorts: “We’re making the playoffs.” [Bog]

To do that, they should probably beat Florida at home tonight. [RMNB]

This Alex Ovechkin-Andrew W.K. t-shirt picture is just amazing. [Bog]

Set your Nats Opening Day table with this Boz column. [Thomas Boswell]

Best- and worst-case scenarios for the 2012 Nats. [Nats Journal]

The Nats have a pretty brutal schedule this season. [Nats Journal]

John Lannan requests a trade, doesn’t have much value. [Nats Journal]

Digging into the real reason John Lannan was demoted. [Nats Baseball]

The O’s lost an exhibition game to a community college team. [BLS]

It’s RGIII vs. Luck in Redskins-Colts preseason game No. 3. [Real Redskins]

Wait, K Chip Lohmiller is joining the concussion suit vs. the NFL? [Fatpickled]

The Redskins used to challenge college teams to games, it appears. [Bog]

Now Carlos Rogers is talking about Gregg Williams and bounties. [PFT]

These Wizards may be the worst in franchise history. Holy shit. [WaPo] is operated by a Wizards fan. [SB Nation D.C.]

Math: Wiz would beat Kentucky 70% of the time. [Prediction Machine]
Steve Blake displays some matador defense for the Lakers. [Ball Don’t Lie]

Howard athletics are postponed and being self-investigated. [WaPo]

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