Robert Griffin III Challenged Brittney Griner To A Dunk Contest

There’s not much to this, but I’d love to see it come to life:

Brittney Griner, The Associated Press women’s basketball Player of the Year, said Heisman Trophy winner and fellow Baylor star Robert Griffin III has challenged her to a dunk contest.

“Yes, he did and I told him I’m going to dunk on him,” she said Saturday at the Final Four in Denver.

Click through to watch RGIII and Griner discussing this mythical dunk contest, which I think RGIII would be favored in, because he’s six inches shorter, and click here to see RGIII dancing at the women’s Final Four.

(Image taken with love from my good friends at Shutdown Corner.)

23 thoughts on “Robert Griffin III Challenged Brittney Griner To A Dunk Contest”

  1. Yo, You can’t challenge a girl to a slam dunk contest. Really C’mon man. Just get to the NFL. You can up your status once you are there.

    C’mon RGIII

  2. Hey, both of you are great athletes in your own way. Don’t make the mistake of competing and then hurt yourselves. You have a life with great futures to live. Make the smart call.

  3. His super EGO was shattered as there was a lady who has overtaken the sports world at Baylor and him and he can’t handle it. This is his way to “right” himself. WHat a weasel.

  4. i love it. although it wont happen, would love to see it. they both have bought excitement back to baylor.

  5. Think you jerks miss the point as usual …such miserable cowards as you are hiding behind screennames. I think he said it as fun and to have comraderie with a Baylor Star. He was dancing at the game celebrating them winning. He seems to love his school life and thats a great thing. I wish him well, and if they wanna have a friendly challenge …why not?? get a life a@@holes

  6. I love it. Like fred said he seems to just love his school and having fun. He’s going to give Kerrigan a run for his money on my player crush.

  7. RGIII isn’t looking for publicity. He and Brittany are friends. They both love Baylor and enjoy the college life. Baylor is like a small community and the sports teams support one another. He’s just having a little fun. Were they not both superstars this would go unnoticed.

  8. People are just ridiculous…you fools are actually taking this seriously!!! wow 2 friends joking ith each other and having fun WOW

  9. #11 Fred said it best. I really don’t need to say much more other than those who are hating need to shut up and get a life… I mean really? He want’s attention? His ego is too big? Pure foolery. And, “Can he dunk?” Are you serious? He is 6’2 with a 39 inch vertical. Do the math.

  10. It’s a friendly challenge. I don’t know where people are getting this “RG3 ego” thing from but it’s pure nonsense. It’s not an ego thing on either side, both Griner and Griffin love Baylor and the community. If they’re really gonna do it, more power to them.

  11. This is what our society still has to deal with on a daily basis, ignorance. It’s sad but reality. Thank God there’s plenty of us out there to set the record straight huh? Honestly,these comments aren’t warranted a response. Ignorance comes in all shapes,forms and colors. Kudos to those who know and recognize the difference…..

  12. Like many have said this was said in FUN. These are 2 kids poking fun with each other. The racial remarks, the hatred etc was not even necessary.

  13. I would suggest RG the Third apply a hard foul (flagrant One by NBA standards) on Griner rather than allowing her dunk on him.

  14. Yes LeBron, because RGIII’s little known fatal flaw is that he has no arms. It’s the reason the Colts aren’t drafting him first…

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