‘Renowned Phenomenon’ Robert Griffin III (@RGIII) Joins Twitter

Robert Griffin III joined Twitter today and attracted 5x the followers in an hour that it took us two years to accumulate, probably because he’s RGIII* and we’re an underground regional sports blog. Anyway, here’s his first tweet, which inspired the above illustration from @matthewbrown:

Well… My name is Robert Griffin III and yes I have finally joined the renowned phenomenon known as Twitter

Renowned phenomenon. I love that. But how would it look on a t-shirt?

* RGIII going with @RGIII means our style is now RGIII (not RG3).

One thought on “‘Renowned Phenomenon’ Robert Griffin III (@RGIII) Joins Twitter”

  1. You know what’s fun. Hit refresh every 2 seconds and watch his followers count climb. It’s awesome. He’s awesome.

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