DMV: Wiz Rook Chris Singleton’s Quote Of The Year Candidate

“Can’t say I do” was pretty great, but I like this one even better. When asked if spending $10,000 on lottery tickets was wise, Chris Singleton said, “Either that or blow it in the club.” Because those are the only two options, you see. [Wiz Insider]

Wall’s post-Nene numbers aren’t good. [Bullets Forever]

Wizards blown out by Bucks. [Bullets Forever]

Caps lose at TB, and now they need help. [Japers’ Rink]

On what Nick Backstrom’s return means. [Caps Insider]

If Dan Steinberg writes at length on Craig Laughlin, you should read. [Bog]

A bloody Ovechkin t-shirt made it onstage at the Andrew WK show. [Bog]

The Redskins are removing another 4,000 seats from FedEx. [The Insider]

And at least one Redskins fan/blogger is unhappy about that. [Hogs Haven]

Michael Wilbon rips on the Redskins in his typically unlikeable way. [Bog]

Some low-level Redskins hosted a “Redskins Takeover” at a strip club. [Bog]

Pegging Wil Ramos for breakout stardom in coming years. [Nats Baseball]

Carroll, Nady, Lombardozzi and Tracy snag Nats roster spots. [Nats Journal]

Jake Arrieta to be O’s youngest Opening Day starter since Mussina. [BSR]

D.C. United’s giving away a cool t-shirt at Saturday’s game. [Bog]

Remembering Maryland’s championship, 10 years on. [Testudo Times]

Michigan transfer Evan Smotrycz may come to Maryland. [Testudo Times]

10 thoughts on “DMV: Wiz Rook Chris Singleton’s Quote Of The Year Candidate”

  1. I think blowing 10k in the club is the better investment. And way more fun than trying to redeem 10k worth of tickets for the $67 you won.

    Also United’s awesome shirt giveaway is for Sat. game, fyi.

  2. Saw you just tweeted it but what’s the reaction to RGIII saying no to Colts private workout?

    And I assume JP isn’t doing DMV this week since he’s in NYC covering the Nike NFL Uniform Launch today for the site.

  3. “Caps lose at TB, and now they need help.”

    Wrong. They still control their own destiny. If they win their last two they could win the division and will at least clinch the 8 seed.

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