DMV: Kristina Akra Is MASN’s New Debbi Taylor Upgrade

MASN’s new Nats sideline reporter, Kristina Akra, is a former Heat and Gators dancer who comes to Washington via FoxSports South, where she covered SEC football. [Nats Inquisition]

Strasburg’s spring is done, and he’s ready to start at Wrigley on Thursday. [NJ]

A long-read look at the development around Nats Park. [WaPo]

Caps win another shootout after blowing a lead. [JR]

Caps fans creatively celebrate Backstrom’s return. [RMNB]

Looking at the Caps’ various playoff scenarios. [Capitals Watch]

Video of Robert Griffin III attending Jon Gruden’s QB camp. [Hogs Haven]

RG3 met Redskins faithful at a memorabilia show in Chantilly. [The Insider]

Davey Johnson says Jim Palmer’s awesome delivery was the worst. [BSR]

Five observations about your “new-look” Washington Wiz. [We Love DC]

3 thoughts on “DMV: Kristina Akra Is MASN’s New Debbi Taylor Upgrade”

  1. Yay! Sideline reporters in a sport that doesn’t have sidelines!
    Yay! Sideline reporters turning sports into shitty soap operas!
    Yay! Distracting sports fans from sports!
    Yay! Bothering managers with boring-ass interviews while they are trying to do their jobs!

    By the way, who’s the piece in the photo?

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