Five Questions With D.C. Sports Bog Co-Conspirator Sarah Kogod

If you read us then you also read the D.C. Sports Bog, so it’s of interest when, after years of going stag, Agent Steinz finally adds a dance partner. She’s Sarah Kogod, who you may know, and she already scored a nice little scoop for the Post. She was kind enough to answer our questions too.

1. So what do your WaPo duties entail, aside from keeping Bog HQ stocked with craft beer and cheeses?

Actually, Dan’s on the beer and cheese. I’m responsible for puppies and chocolate chip cookies.

Basically, I’ll be doing a little of what Dan does with some personal player stuff added in. With the Bog growing as quickly as it did, it was hard to get out there and cover actual real life things. Hopefully that will change.

2. What are the primary ways this job differs from your Capital Games gig at NBC Washington?

I’ll be transcribing more radio interviews.

The biggest difference is the time commitment, but it’s actually going to be quite similar in most ways It’s also going to be nice to not have to compete with Steinberg for stories. (Ed. note: I hear that.)

3. Who are the five most interesting people on the D.C. sports scene right now?

You know I have to say Steinberg, right?

If you had asked me a few weeks ago, Ronny Turiaf would be on this list. I got a chance to talk to him a bit and he’s really quite fascinating, the way he relates to fans and media. He also wasn’t afraid to ask questions of the media. I remember a conversation between he and the media in the locker room about what “unnamed source” means.

I think Glenn Consor is great. I listen to the Wizards postgame show on the way home from games and I’m always amazed that he can handle the listeners who call in with such tact. He also has the ability to be critical of the team without sounding so negative, which is tough to do.

Ryan Kerrigan is an athlete I can usually depend on to be honest with me when I talk to him, and I always find that interesting because I feel like athletes have become so guarded in this age of rapid news travel.

And is wrong to say @unsilent? Because I think he’s one of the funniest people on Twitter.

4. How do your true rooting interests (the Giants!) affect your approach to covering D.C. teams?

I’ve learned that to cover teams in this town, it actually helps to not be a fan. I care about the players and I want the teams to do well because it makes covering them more fun. But taking that emotional element out of it allows me to see things a little differently.

5. What’s it like being married to a co-founder of one of the GOAT (Greatest sports blogs Of All Time)?

Ha, it’s actually pretty fun. Of course you know that if it weren’t for that blog, we wouldn’t be together.

We have a different relationship at home since we’re both bloggers. Most nights we’re on our own separate couches with our laptops watching the game, or TV or whatever. It would horrify a lot of people, but it works for us.

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