DMV: Matt Hendricks’ Pump-Fake Helps Caps Win Boston Shootout

Caps give up late goal to Boston but hang on for shootout win. [Japers’]

GIF of Matt Hendricks ridiculous okey-doke shootout goal. [SBNDC]

It’s a move Hendricks has used many times in recent shootouts. [Deadspin]

Learn eight new things about Alex Ovechkin, who likes spaghetti. [Bog]

Wiz play another tight game, lose late, surprise nobody. [WaPo]

Definitive answer in the “Could Kentucky beat the Wiz” debate. [Deadspin]

PTI weighs in on Kentucky v. Wiz; Wilbon calls 30-point Wiz win. [Bog]

Donovan McNabb is bitter, looks petty on national TV. [Shutdown Corner]

Good breakdown of Skins salary cap troubles and what could happen. [NFP]

Update from Nats Town has Adam LaRoche ready to start season. [CSNW]

Darrelle Revis wanted to play at Maryland, but he wasn’t recruited. [Bog]

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