DMV: Caps Go Invisible In Latest Must-Win Game

In key battle for playoffs, Caps get blown out at home 5-1 to Sabres. [JR]

“We took their will away,” Sabres captain Jason Pominville. [Puck Daddy]

Caps officially enter the desperate zone to reach playoffs. [Caps Insider]

Darkest before the dawn: Caps still have five games left. [RMNB]

Lady Terps NCAA run ends with beatdown from Notre Dame. [SBNDC]

DMV College Hoops Ace chronicles 100 games in 86 days. [Wash. Times]

CAA commish strongly denies VCU or Mason will leave conference. [Dagger]

NFL votes 29-0 to endorse salary cap penalties on Skins, Boys. [The Insider]

Former Skin Mark Rypien is lead plaintiff suing NFL over head trauma. [WT]

Listen to Rypien whistle HTTR on a fan’s voicemail. [Redskins Blog]

Bruce Allen says Skins are working hard to re-sign London Fletcher. [CSNW]

Shanahan says he’s comfortable starting rookie QB Week 1. [The Insider]

RG3 says playing for Shanahan would be a “dream come true.” [Bog]

Fred Smoot calls Roger Goodell a dictator, is generally awesome. [Bog]

Stephen Strasburg seems ready to really show his stuff for Nats. [WaPo]

LaRoche, Morse and Storen all getting healthier. [MLB]

Orioles place last among Fangraph’s MLB organizational rankings. [BSR]

Gary Williams says Kentucky could beat Wiz in right situation. [SBNDC]

With Nick Young gone, Jordan Crawford is scoring more.* [Wiz Insider]

Defending the Wiz trade for Nene, contract not too bad. [Bullets Forever]

John Wall struggling late in games for Wiz, but it’s ok for now. [WaPo]

Terps football poach 4-Star RB out of Virginia, away from VTech. [SBNDC]

Mayor Gray wants a lot more speed cameras in DC. [WaPo]

*Because he never stops shooting.

3 thoughts on “DMV: Caps Go Invisible In Latest Must-Win Game”

  1. “Orioles place last among Fangraph’s MLB organizational rankings.”

    Wasn’t taking the Nats TV rights away (and keeping them off DC area cable systems for almost two full seasons) supposed to keep the O’s competitive? Seems to me that money is just going straight to Angelos and not the team/farm system/etc. How can any Washingtonian still support that organization?

  2. “How can any Washingtonian still support that organization?”

    I really don’t know.. but there are a few that do. They should be ashamed. I guess if you live in North Carolina (“Camden Yards is the best!”)
    it’s OK though.

    Fuck Angelos.

  3. I’ve always like the Orioles, and probably always will (though having the Nats has certainly watered down my interest).

    I’m also not a big fan of Angelos, but not liking the owner isn’t reason enough to ditch a team, otherwise I would’ve dropped the Skins long ago. And Camden Yards pretty much is the best.

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