Artist’s Rendering Of The New Roof Deck At Camden Yards

Since Nats Park opened our preferred viewing experience has always been the Red Loft. It’s there you can hang out in an outdoor bar while overlooking a MLB game and also watching other sports on TV, even if the TVs are totally shitty … and all for the price of a nosebleed!

Now it seems our feathered friends to the north have the same luxury, as Camden Yards is opening a roof deck under the centerfield scoreboard:

I can get down with that, because, while Eutaw Street is an excellent place to be, it’s no place to watch a game. And prior to this the only option was to hope for space along the flag court wall, but you had to be like 6’4″ and okay with sweating yourself soaked.

But wait, the flag court wall is coming down too, which Nick Markakis is probably a fan of (if he’s able to bat balls that far anymore). Oh, and all six O’s Hall of Famers are getting statues out beyond the bullpens too.

Camden Yards is the best, even if its team is literally the worst.

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