DMV: Can Ovechkin Carry The Caps In Tonight’s ‘Game 7’?

Tonight’s Buffalo game is near-playoff action in March. Dale Hunter even said it’s “like the seventh game of the playoffs.” [Caps Insider, RMNB]

Alex Ovechkin has scored nine goals in the past seven. [Caps Insider]

Nick Backstrom is practicing, but not yet ready to play. [Caps Insider]

This Crosby-Ovechkin job may be the worst jersey foul ever. [RMNB]

Braden Holtby’s car has been in short-term parking for far too long. [Bog]
Tom Boswell expertly measures Jayson Werth’s long HR. [Nats Journal]

John Lannan named 5th starter while Wang’s on the mend. [Nats Journal]

NFL still investigating Gregg Williams, and therefore the Skins. [The Insider]

NFL: There’ll be a salary cap arbitration hearing for the Skins. [The Insider]

Fun ranking of the top 10 draft prospects for the Wizards. [Bullets Forever]

The Zaching craze reaches a new high via Lil Wayne’s Twitter feed. [Bog]

Ex-Terps QB Danny O’Brien spotted wearing Penn State gear. [SBN D.C.]

2 thoughts on “DMV: Can Ovechkin Carry The Caps In Tonight’s ‘Game 7’?”

  1. Apparently, O’Brien was offered a jacket because it was a blustery day. O’Brien has apparently not made a decision.

    So, is O’Brien any good? I’ve never seen him play.

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