DMV: Caps Impress In A Must-Win

Caps blank Wild 3-0 in must-win game as Ovi scores again. [Japer’s Rink]

March must be goalie Braden Holtby’s favorite month. [RMNB]

Can’t ignore college hoops: Kansas, Kentucky go to Final Four. [Yahoo]

Lady Terps heading to Elite Eight to face Notre Dame. [Wash. Times]

D.C. Sports Bog to go co-ed, brings in the talented Sarah Kogod. [Bog]

Skins to seek arbitration over salary cap penalty. [The Insider]

NY Giants owner proves to be a hater, likes the salary cap penalty. [SBNDC]

Ashburn Subway offers a special RG3 sub. [Bog]

Depressing (hopefully wrong) breakdown of Strasburg’s mechanics. [ESPN]

Boz on Jayson Werth moonshot in Florida and what it could mean. [WaPo]

More depression: Don’t expect much good baseball in Baltimore. [WaPo]

Terps land Sam Cassell Jr., hope he dances like his dad. [Testudo Times]

Could Mason and VCU be joining the Atlantic 10? [SB Nation DC]

The Bullets Wiz continue to exist, lose in Boston. [Bullets Forever]

Mock draft has the Wiz taking UNC’s Harrison Barnes at No. 2. [NBA Draft]

D.C. to extend liquor sales to 4 a.m. weekends, 3 a.m. weeknights. [DCist]

8 thoughts on “DMV: Caps Impress In A Must-Win”

  1. Man I’m a UNC fan and don’t want the wiz to take barnes at 2. Think I’d rather MKG at this point. Although Barnes is at his best with a good PG and the wiz have that. Right?

  2. Barnes went 1-12 against Ohio the other night. He’s pretty horrendous.

    I’d rather take MKG too.

    And it’s really stupid that we drafted a SF last year and that’s still our biggest need. Ernie’s biggest strength is mopping his mistakes.

  3. Agree with Jamie although if we got down to sullinger or barnes I might take the latter. Barnes still has a pretty ridiculous skill set, had a weak tourny but still is a five tool player. (does that term work in basketball?)

    Curious if Henson follows Marvin Williams and Brandon Wright’s NBA career.

  4. Some people (myself included) have been openly concerned with Strasburg’s mechanics since his draft hype started up. There’s little doubt he’s got filthy stuff, but he has so much wasted energy that only cause unnecessary stress on his arm. The most concerning part of it all came from an article written after his injury quoting Riggleman, the pitching coach and front office all agreeing that a change in his mechanics wasn’t going to happen.

    He’s incredible to watch, but I hope he (or someone) help him get wise along the way so we can continue to enjoy him pitching for a long time.

  5. Yeah there’s a lot of guys in the know that deal with sports injuries that call the mechanics that Strasburg has as the inverted W.

    You can read about it in this article below…this was even made 3 years ago and still rings true.

    Notice the inverted W that Prior has…

    Same with Strasburg…

    If you google other successful pitchers like Halladay or anyone else, they don’t pitch like that.

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