Robert Griffin III Pro Day Shirt: ‘No Pressure No Diamonds’

SB Nation D.C.’s got a steady stream of RG3 Pro Day updates, which is where I got that image of the young man’s Ferris Bueller-approved tee. Also, here are some thoughts strung together from @MrIrrelevantDC:

RT @ChrisMottram: Alright, I’m officially excited about RG3 on the Skins. This workout is football porn.

RT @Rich_Campbell: RG3’s accuracy and arm strength are so obvious. It’s fun watching him throw from field level.


RT @ESPN_RobKing: Dear Indianapolis Colts: Absolutely nothing of note happened in Waco, Texas today. Sincerely, the Washington Redskins

RG3’s pro day stat line: 81 attempts, 75 completions, 4 drops. (Note: I feel silly even tweeting this.)

And here are pics of Synder and the Shanaclan fighting off that Hooters hangover enjoying the workout. Everyone loves RG3.

3 thoughts on “Robert Griffin III Pro Day Shirt: ‘No Pressure No Diamonds’”

  1. Can’t wait for the Skins to take Trent Richardson.

    Also looking forward to introducing my GF to football porn. #nohomobaby

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