13 thoughts on “Dan Snyder And Mike Shanahan Go To Hooters In Texas (PHOTO)”

  1. Synder looks like he just walked out of the back room of a strip club. The shirt is untucked to hide the stain.

    Boom! Roasted!

  2. Wow, Snyder must be really cheap, treats his FO to a meal at Hooters. Could they not find a better place to eat than Hooters? Waco must suck.

  3. Today was her last day! She no longer needs this job to pay her way through law school. She just earned her tuition from Snyder and Shanahan in the back room.
    She gets a scholarship, they got the full ride.

  4. Desperate married men who go to Hooters for the cheep thrill of looking at breasts. Somebody in the picture probably got laid….

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