10 thoughts on “LaRon Landry Ends His Sorry Redskins Career, Signs With Jets”

  1. It will be very interesting to see how he comes back after the Achilles injury. I don’t know much about the alternative he took, Biological Matrix, guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  2. Yeah Sean Taylor and Laron Landry would have been a beast. Another player who had immense potential. In fact he’s still a great player it’s just that he’s way too prone to injury.

  3. I keep hearing he’s injury prone. Correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t he only had one injury: the achilles? And the reason he’s still injured is because he chose not to have surgery on it? The guy did start his first 47 games (he missed the last game in 2009 which was meaningless anyway). I liked LaRon, bought his jersey, watched him spend two seasons playing 40 yards off the line of scrimmage, saw him become a stud the first year in Haslett’s defense and can now only lament what could have been.

  4. Drafting LaRon was a huge blackmark on Gibbs’ 2nd tour. We already had Sean. Guys drafted after LaRon but still in 1st round:
    Adrian Peterson
    Patrick Willis & Joe Staley (nice draft SF!)
    Darrelle Revis
    Lawrence Timmons
    Leon Hall
    Ben Grubbs
    Dwayne Bowe

    LaRon, I won’t miss your preening celebrations after a tackle waaaay downfield on a successful play by the offense. You are the exact kind of asshat that makes it hard to be a fan.

  5. Yeah he’s had the achilli’s injury along with an ailing hamstring. But the point I’m getting is he’s continually getting bigger. Those ankles cannot hold more weight on top of what he had before. While some athletes loose some weight to make them more agile and move quicker. He’s duping up and gaining more muscle that won’t support his bones. He will more likely be more prone to injuries.

    Not to mention he can’t cover just a hard hitter.

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