DMV: Bruce Allen, Redskins Fart In The NFL’s General Direction

Bruce Allen’s response to the cap space report is perfectly defiant. [Redskins Blog]

The NFLPA agreed to the Skins and Cowboys losing their cap space. [PFT]

Advocating for Snyder to “sue the hell out of Roger Goodell.” [Homer McFanboy]

Hey, free agency starts today. The Skins have many wants and needs. [WaPo]

Vincent Jackson isn’t worth elite WR money. [Fatpickled]

Top FA guard Carl Nicks won’t come here. [Real Redskins]

Alex Semin’s days as a Capital seem to be numbered. [Caps Insider]

Leonsis responded to WaPo’s long Alex Ovechkin story. [Ted’s Take]

The Wiz lost their 12th straight in San Antonio. New traditions! [WaPo]

Nats Park is serving an eight-pound StrasBurger this season. [Bog]

VCU put a pretty bodacious ad in yesterday’s Post. [Bog]

6 thoughts on “DMV: Bruce Allen, Redskins Fart In The NFL’s General Direction”

  1. If any recent Goodell action has proven him to be an empty headed animal food trough wiper, it is this one.

    I curse Roger Goodell for making me eager to see $nyder unleash his lawyers on someone.

  2. So DeMaurice Smith didn’t want it to look bad and have the Salary Cap be lower this year so he agreed to taking salary cap from the Cowboys/Redskins and spreading it out over to everybody else to artificially raise it. Disgusting.

  3. “Bruce Allen, Redskins Fart In The NFL’s General Direction”

    Awesome doesn’t seem to do that headline justice.

  4. Still don’t understand how Redskins ownership signs off on this CBA without informing Bruce Allen.

    Either Allen knew and is pretending not to now, or he didn’t know and there’s a troubling lack of communication from ownership to management.

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